Publications Citing Intraventricular (ICV) Administration into the CSF

Ref No. Animal Description Volume Dosed (Site) Clodronate Concentration Lipid Composition Lipid Mole % Liposome Type
15 Wistar rats, male, 300-350 g 50 µl (4th ventricle) 5 mg/ml EPC:Chol Aminophenyl mannose 69/21/10 MLV
16 Lewis rats, male, 200-250 g 50 µl (4th ventricle) 5 mg/ml EPC:Chol Aminophenyl mannose 69/21/10 MLV
17 TgCRND8* mice, age/sex matched 10 µl (4th ventricle) 5 mg/ml EPC:Chol Aminophenyl mannose 69/21/10 MLV
[/custom_table] *TgCRND8 mice overexpressed the human Swedish (KM670/671NL) and Indianan (V717F) APP mutations under a hamster protein promoter were maintained on an outbred C3H/C57BL6 background.

15. M.M.J. Polfliet; P.J.G. Zwijnenburg; A.M. van Furth; T. van der Poll; E.A. Dopp; C. Renardel de Lavalette; E.M.L. van Kesteren-Hendrikx; N. van Rooijen; C.D. Dijkstra; T.K. van den Berg, Meningeal and Perivascular Macrophage of the Central Nervous System Play a Protective Role During Bacterial Meningitis, The Journal of Immunology, 167(2001) 4644-4650.

Local cell types targeted included meningeal macrophages (MM) and perivascular macrophages (PVM). The systematic depletion method was intraventricular and the systematic depletion result was mild but with temporal depletion of the liver and spleen.

Summary: The authors observed a substantial influx of granulocytes (primarily neutrophils) from the bloodstream post-infection. Although depletion of PVM and MM clearly exacerbated both bacterial growth and severity of the clinical condition the animal it did not reduce the influx of granulocytes.

16. M.M.J. Polfiet; F.van de Veerdonk; E.A. Dopp; E.M.L. van Kesteren-Hendrikx; N. van Rooijen; C.D. Dijstra; T.K. van den Berg, The role of perivascular and meningeal macrophages in experimental allergic encephalomyelitis, J. Neuroimmunol., 122(2002) 1-8.

Local cell types targeted included ED2+ meningeal macrophages and ED2+ perivascular macrophages. The systematic depletion method is intraventricular and the systematic depletion results were mild with temporal depletion in liver and spleen.

Summary: EAE results in a substantial influx of ED1+ monocytes, T-cells, B cells and Ox2+ MHC-II cells preceded by an increase in ED2+ cells which continues througout the course of the experiment. The authors report that depletion of the ED2+ MM and PVM significantly improves the clinical condition of the animals, but did not assess the effects of the depletion on the infiltration of the blood leukocytes.

17. C.A. Hawkes; J. McLaurin, Selective targeting of perivascular macrophages for the clearance of β-amyloid in cerebral amyoid angiopathy, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106(2009) 1261-1266.

Local cell types targeted includes CD163+ perivascular macrophages. There is no systematic depletion method and no systematic depletion result.

Summary: Depletion of the PVM resulted in the increase of β-amyoid peptide in affected areas while stimulation of the PVM correlated to a decrease of the β-amyoid peptide in these areas of the brain.

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