Used for…

  • Assessing the effect of liposomes alone on target phagocytes in m-Clodrosome studies (liposome control)
  • Determining if unexpected results are due to the presence of liposomes rather than clodronate
  • Pretreating to accomplish RES loading which will dramatically alter the distribution and circulation time of subsequently dosed m-Clodrosome
  • Mixing with unencapsulated clodronate to assess the effect of free clodronate in the presence of liposomes


Mannosylated control liposomes

Mannosylated control liposomes

Contains: mg/ml mM
L-α-Phosphatidylcholine 18.8 24
Cholesterol 4.2 11
4-Aminophenyl-alpha-D-Mannopyranoside 1 3.69
Suspended in Phosphate Buffered Saline at pH 7.4

See Encapsome Product Description for complete listing of Encapsome properties.



» Surface-modified with branched-chain oligomannose for optimal recognition by mannose-receptors (MR, SIGNR1)
» Lipid composition is biosimilar egg-phosphatidylcholine and cholesterol in a 7:3 molar ratio
» Optimal size range (0.3-3 µm) for immediate phagocyte recognition and phagocytosis
» Extruded through 2 µm membranes to ensure that liposomes easily pass through lung capillaries
» Prepared and packaged under sterile conditions in 5 ml stoppered glass vials with multidose adapters
» Batches prepared weekly to ensure maximal shelf-life after receipt by client
» Available as single product or in convenient Mannosylated Macrophage Depletion Kits

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