Encapsula NanoSciences LLC

Encapsula NanoSciences is an american specialty bio-nanotechnology company focused on providing research, development, intellectual property and manufacturing expertise in the production of lipid-based nanoparticles, also known as liposomes, to clients and partners in both the academic and industrial sectors. Encapsula routinely provides custom laboratory-scale preparations of liposomal encapsulated compounds.

Encapsula is the formulator and manufacturer of  surface active liposomes for antibody and peptide conjugation (Immunosome), Clodronate liposomes (Clodrosome), control liposomes for Clodrosome (Encapsome), Doxorubicin liposomes (Doxosome), DNA and RNA liposomes (Genesome), fluorescent liposomes (Fluoroliposome), Freeze dried ATP liposomes (ATPsome), various formulations of liposomes used as artificial cell models (Cellsome), and liposome-encapsulated anti-tumor drugs.

Encapsula also provides various formulation of liposomes that can be used in dermatology and cosmetics (Cosmesome), nutritional supplements such as Curcumin liposomes (Curcusome) and Inositol liposome (Inosisome), and nutritional supplements for pets (Taurosome).

Clodrosome ® , Encapsome ® and Fluoroliposome ® are the registered trademarks of Encapsula NanoSciences LLC. For over 12 years Encapsula has provided macrophage depletion kits and custom formulations for macrophage depletion to hundreds of universities, research institutes, government labs and biotechnology/pharmaceutical companies around the world.

Encapsula extensively collaborates with academic research laboratories and is currently working with synthetic chemists and cancer biologists at a major university in the development of new anti-tumor compounds which require a liposome delivery system in order to be dosed in vivo.

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