Start resolving the effects of macrophages on your experimental models now…

1. Plan your experiments including controls evaluating the effects of “empty” liposomes.

This website contains references to the 1,000+ publications which have utilized liposomal clodronate. The database has these references sorted by dosing method, amount dosed and study system (animal species, cell type, etc.) while the various routes of administration are described in detail and the associated publications briefly reviewed. Additional information on the use of fluorescent liposomes, mannosylated liposomes, and related topics may be found under the Other Info tab. Our comprehensive collection and review of published clodronate liposome work will assist you in designing your macrophage depletion studies as well as determining which Clodrosome products best suit your experimental requirements.

Regardless of your experimental design, you will need to include control groups to evaluate the effect of liposomes without encapsulated clodronate (“empty” liposomes) in your model. The presence of particles, such as liposomes, can alter immune/inflammatory responses both in vivo and in vitro.

We can also provide custom clodronate liposome formulations should you determine that your application calls for a liposomal clodronate formulation not currently listed in our product line.

2. Calculate the total volume required of both liposomal clodronate and control liposomes.

The database will allow you to review the liposomal clodronate doses that others have used for studies in a variety of species and experimental conditions.

Each reagent vial contains 5 ml of a liposome suspension. Clodronate-containing liposome suspensions have a clodronate concentration of 5 mg/ml while the control liposome suspensions (no encapsulated clodronate) have the same lipid concentration as the clodronate liposomes. Therefore each vial of clodronate liposomes contains a total of 25 mg of encapsulated clodronate and the control liposomes should be dosed at the same volume as the clodronate liposomes. The Macrophage Depletion Kits each contain one vial of a clodronate liposome suspension and one vial of a control liposome suspension.

If those who will be working directly with the Clodrosome products are not experienced in handling and dosing liposomes, you may want to order extra reagents and animals. Clodrosome products are slightly viscous, so laboratory personnel may need to familiarize themselves with handling and dosing the products before starting your study. See the Package Insert for more details.

3. Select your Clodrosome products.

Products may be ordered as individual reagents (i.e. Clodrosome, Encapsome, Fluoroliposome, m-Clodrosome, m-Encapsome, m-Fluoroliposome) or as Standard Macrophage Depletion Kits or Mannosylated Macrophage Depletion Kits which contain clodronate liposomes and matched control liposomes.

Answering the following 2 questions will tell you which products to order for your experiments:

If you need mannosylated liposomes  

Do you need fluorescent liposomes?

  • YES, order Mannosylated Fluorescent Macrophage Depletion Kit

  • NO, order Mannosylated Macrophage Depletion Kit

  • If you need standard liposomes  

    Do you need fluorescent liposomes?

  • YES, order Fluorescent Standard Macrophage Depletion Kit

  • NO, order Standard Macrophage Depletion Kit

  • 4. Order your Clodrosome products.

    Up to 25 ml of any product may be ordered from the Products page using a credit card for payment. If you need more than 25 ml of any reagent, you may request a quotation for pricing of larger volumes. See Ordering Info for payment by PO. We recommend that you schedule the delivery of your order so that you can begin dosing within a day or two of receiving your liposomes (have the animals in-house and pre-treated, if necessary, and/or cells isolated, plated, confluent, etc.).

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