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Publications Reporting Intrahippocampal Administration

Publications Citing Direct Injection into the Hippocampus

Ref No. Animal Description Volume Dosed (Site) Clodronate Concentration Lipid Composition Lipid Mole % Liposome Type
27 Sprague Dawley rats, male, 300-350 g 5 µl (hippocampus) 5 mg/ml EPC:Chol Aminophenyl mannose 69/21/10 MLV

27. T. Drabek; A. Janata; E.K. Jackson; B. End; J. Stezoski; V.A. Vagni; K. Janesko-Feldman; C.D. Wilson; N. van Rooijen; S.A. Tisherman; P.M. Kochanek, Microglial depletion using intrahippocampal injection of liposome-encapsulated clodronate in prolonged hypothermic cardiac arrest in rats,Resuscitation, (2011).

Local cell types targeted include resident microglia. There were no systematic depletion methods and no systematic depletion results.

Summary Direct injection of as much as 10 µl of clodronate liposomes did not increase intracranial pressure. 5 µl injections resulted in ~40% depletion of hippocampal microglia, but this depletion did not decrease neuronal deterioration post-CA.

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