Dong Z, Fidler IJ.
Encyclopedia of Cancer (Second Edition) [Internet]. New York: Academic Press; 2002 [cited 2012 Jun 29]. p. 77–88.
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I. Introduction
II. Role of Macrophages in Homeostasis
III. Role of Macrophages in Tumor Angiogenesis and Progression
IV. Tumoricidal Activation of Macrophages
V. Macrophage–Tumor Cell Interaction
VI. Mechanisms for Macrophage Recognition of Tumor Cells
VII. Suppression of Tumor Angiogenesis by Macrophage-Derived Factors
VIII. Macrophage Infiltration into Tumors
IX. Systemic Activation of Macrophages by Liposomes Containing Immunomodulators
X. Therapy of Cancer Metastasis in Murine Models
XI. Therapy of Autochthonous Lung Metastasis in Dogs with Osteogenic Sarcoma
XII. Clinical Studies
XI. Conclusions
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